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PostSubject: APPLICATION FORM TO JOIN TgM   Wed Jun 23, 2010 12:27 am

this is a applicaticon form so whe know who u are!

Application Form:

*All Past and Present Gamer tags:



*Have you read and do you fully understand as well as agree to uphold the TgM Code of Conduct?

*How did you hear about TgM?

*What games do you play regularly (On any Platform)?

*If you choose to join TgM's main community, can you accept the fact that it is a very Structured Organization and requires the ability to work with over 100+ team-mates?

*Are you able to respect female gamers in Leadership Positions, and always stay level headed?

*Do you plan on taking advantage of TgM's learning programs? (Graphics, Leadership Development, Web Administration, Etc.)

*How many hours per week do you play?

This next portion of you application will tell us what kind of membership you are looking for, so please try your best to answer these questions so we may find the best place for you. Answer the question that best applies for you

*Are you looking to join a pre-existing division in TgM's structure?

* Are you looking to create your OWN team/clan with your OWN structure/rules and get your own section on our forums and main site that you administrate and run on your own while receiving the benefits of being a partner and associated with TgM?

* Are you just looking to be on the civilian structure? Which entails basic membership. No structure, no rank. Just a gamer that hangs out with the community and websites.

* Are you looking to create your own division apart of TgM's structure? (Must have good leadership background and or a group of 50 dedicated friends to do this.)

A bit of history

*Please state ANY previous online Clans you have been a part of:

**If , what was the reason?

*Do you have a history of cheating?
(NOTE: Does not bar you from joining, length of time since last unethical action considered)

*In a few short sentences, explain why you think you should be accepted into TgM.

*Other Contact Info, NO telephone numbers? (AIM/Yahoo/MSN/email)

*Any extra comments?
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